Upholstery Cleaning

Extraction Cleaning System

Upholstery Cleaning in Calgary

Green Cleaners For your Upholstery, Rugs and Mats:

  • Environmentally Certified, Low Moisture – Fast Drying, Deep Cleaning extraction, Superior cleaning that stays cleaner longer.
  • Upholstery fabrics are cleaner brighter and softer.
  • No Bad Odors
  • No Shrinkage or Mildew
  • Eliminates over wetting concerns – Will not soak upholstery seats.
  • VonSchrader certified advanced air cell formula guarantees the highest cleaning quality.
  • SAFE – . Green Seal Certified. Wool safe Approved, Champion EPA Status.

Calgary Upholstery Cleaning Company- Green Seal Cleaning Company provides special services for: Stain Removal, Odor Control, Sanitizing, Fabric Protector, 
Professional Upholstery CleaningVonSchrader have developed over 77 years a patented green cleaners machine designed specifically for upholstery cleaning in Calgary. Counter rotating brushes are proven safe and gentle to your fabrics. The powerful vacuum extracts both dry soil and the low moisture air cell bubble foam. Restores and maintains even the finest fabrics and leather. Conditioning and Cleaning Leather, Natural fibres like silk and wool – Wool Safe Approved.

Carpet and Upholstery fabrics are brighter, softer and cleaner.

Charter Bus Lines – Upholstery cleaning machines are portable, we come to where the bus is. This saves you a great deal of time and money. Many charter bus line operators perform their regular maintenance duties while we professionally clean upholstery and ceiling carpet. We can greatly improve the look and feel of your coach with cleaner, brighter and softer seating. We can defer fabric replacement costs with our maintenance program to retain the professional appearance of the coach.

Movie Theatres / Auditoriums – Seating is professionally cleaned and quickly dries with no after odour. Seating can be conveniently cleaned during the day and be ready for evening performances. Stains are safely removed deferring replacement. Cushions are softer and brighter and stay cleaner for longer.

Furniture / Antique Furniture – Retain the value of your furniture or increase the value of your antique furniture by having them professionally cleaned with our ultra-low moisture extraction process thus increasing their value and longevity. Why replace when professional upholstery cleaning will add years to the life of your favorite seating and furniture.

Computer Rooms – Electronic Areas – These areas are most sensitive to high moisture concerns. Dry Air Cell extraction uses 90% less water than conventional upholstery cleaning methods and the water we do use is only used to generate the bubble foam that contains only 10% moisture content. The foam is then immediately extracted with the powerful vacuum system.

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