Green Seal Cleaning Company – Your Calgary Stain Removal Service

Green Seal Cleaning Company – Your Calgary Stain Removal Service

Imagine coming home to clean, stain free, carpets and upholstery, with the added bonus of knowing that your carpet and furniture stains have been removed by Calgary’s Green Seal Cleaning Company – an authorized Von Schrader Associate.

Green Seal Cleaning Company is a trusted Calgary carpet cleaning company who focuses on providing superior service when it comes to removing annoying and stubborn stains from carpets, upholstery, fabric and leather, effectively and in a manner that lets your home look good and you feel good – no harsh chemicals are used. So what’s involved when it comes to removing stains with Green Seal Cleaning?  77 years of Von Schrader excellence that allows for stains to be removed in an environmentally sustainable manner, which is safe for your fabrics and safe for pet and human health too.

Removing stains from carpets is a fast process with Green Seal Cleaning – and produces dramatic results. Using the Von Schrader technology involves minimal use of water (so no waiting for soggy carets to dry) a unique extraction method that removes not only stains but odors as well, the ability to remove ink, coffee, tar and oil, even pet odours and stains, restoration of high traffic areas with a special ‘blockade’ technique, and the ability to have your home back to normal in just two hours.

Carpet cleaning isn’t the only part of the home to benefit from Green Seal Cleaning’s knowledge and expertise – stain removal from upholstery, your favorite leather chair, rugs and mats are quickly given a new lease on life after this Calgary Carpet Cleaning Company gets to work. Reviving old furniture, which has been neglected due to fabric stains and musty smells, is an easy task and becomes a viable option for antique furniture as the low use of water in the cleaning process will not cause fabric to shrink or over soaking of underlying padding to occur.  Stains are literally lifted from carpets, rugs, and upholstery due to the ‘Air Cell Bubbles’ that suspends dirt and allows for quick but thorough removal.

Green Seal Cleaning Company is a leader in stain removal and cleaning in Calgary.  Call them today to discover how their technology and expertise can remove the most stubborn of stains from your most treasured pieces of furniture – 403.874.2468