How to Remove Stains on Carpet and Furniture in Calgary

Stained carpet and furniture in Calgary isn’t something people look forward to coming home to.  Carpet stains and odour detract from a room’s impact  – but have you ever tried to remove a stain from your carpet, area rug or your favorite piece of furniture – only to have it reappear in a matter of weeks (sometimes days)?

Removing stains from carpets and furniture in Calgary can be challenging and if not done correctly can make the original stain worse, or not completely remove the stain – only for it to resurface quickly. Green Seal Cleaning Company – a Calgary based company that is a VonSchrader Authorized Associate – explains why carpet stains are not always removed successfully and what you can do to make sure stains are removed completely – in just one application.

Carpet stain removal will be unsuccessful if too much moisture is used – excess moisture will result in the underlying pad to remain wet after the carpet itself has dried.  If the original stain had penetrated the underlay the remaining moisture will cause the stain to wick back into the carpetCalgary Stain Removal experts – Green Seal Cleaning Company – use the unique VonSchrader system that uses minimal water during the stain removal process. This patented low moisture soil extraction process is not only efficient but it’s safe for pets and humans to be around because of the gentle, biodegradable, non-toxic, fragrance free cleaning agents.

Green Seal Cleaning Company’s stain removal protocol allows a room to be ready for use again in just 1 – 2 hours! No waiting the entire day, with noisy fans running, for your carpet to dry.  Rooms are returned to normal before your eyes – with stains completely removed the first time.

The low moisture stain removal service provided by Green Seal Cleaning is a viable option for delicate antique furniture that has seen better days.  Antique fabric is prone to shrinking when exposed to high volumes of water.  The VonSchrader low moisture method becomes a perfect option for removing old stains from your favorite keep sakes.  Even musty smells are removed during the extraction process – making your antique furniture appear brand new.

If you’ve been thinking of how to remove stains from your carpets and furniture – call Green Seal Cleaning Company today – and experience expert stain removal from this Calgary cleaning company.