About Us

Green Seal Cleaning Company is an Authorized Vonschrader Associate.

The Green Seal Cleaning Company is a Calgary carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning company, committed to delivering the highest standard of professional cleaning service and client care for both residential and commercial clients . We are Bonded – Licenced and Certified. Green Seal Cleaning Company is an Authorized Vonschrader Associate.

The Green Seal Cleaning Company logo shows a Green Leaf and a Water Droplet. This represents our commitment to not only providing a superior green cleaners carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Calgary and surrounding areas, but to deliver this service in the most people friendly way by using only non-toxic cleaning products in the most sustainable and environmentally responsible way possible.

As green cleaners, we understand that our world has become increasingly toxic and we all are becoming aware that the most precious commodity in our world is fresh water. We deliver an exceptional carpet and upholstery cleaning service with Vonschrader’s 77 years of excellence while keeping to our environmental mandate. All cleaning products we use are fully certified as non-toxic products – We are not just using the word green, we are fully Green Seal Certified. We use 90% less water than other carpet cleaning methods. We do not pour gallons and gallons of water onto your carpet and upholstery. The water we do use generates the patented Vonschrader’s low moisture Air Cell Extraction foam with only 10% moisture.

The result is a superior Green Clean that is Affordable, Sustainable and proven Safe for People, Pets, Carpet, Upholstery and the Environment.

About: Green Seal Certification.
Green Seal is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment and transforming the market place by promoting the manufacture, purchase and use of environmentally responsible products and services. Founded in 1989, Green Seal provides science – based environmental certification standards that are credible, transparent and essential in an increasingly educated and competitive market place. As the leading certification body, Green Seal has pioneered identifying and promoting environmentally preferable products.

The most important environment to you and your family is the one you are personally exposed to at work and home every day. This personal space should be as free as possible of toxins, molds and allergens. We respect your personal environment and your environmental choices when choosing your Calgary carpet cleaning provider.

Ultra low moisture extraction means very quick dry times as low as 20 minutes for upholstery and one to two hour dry times for carpet. Our green cleaners eliminate all issues with over wetting such as bad odors. We eliminate over wetting concerns that may cause shrinking, warping or mildew.

The Green Seal Cleaning Company is locally owned and operated. We are proving that an industry can be both environmentally responsible to the health of our customers and the health of our mother earth while delivering exceptional quality and service.

Vonschrader patented cleaning process has been available all over the world for over 77 years NOW locally available in Calgary through the Green Seal Cleaning Company.