Certified Green  – Carpet – Upholstery Cleaning, Stain and Odour Elimination.  

Certified Applicator Sanitizing and Disinfecting.  

Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Restoration Specialists.  Restore rather than replace aging carpets. Remove persistent stains and lingering odours.

Stain Removal Experts: Pet Stains, Problem Stains, Coffee, Bio Hazards, Grease. Heavy Traffic Areas, Odourless, Certified Non toxic Safe for People, Pets and Fabric.  

Odour Elimination  – Eliminate Fowl and Lingering Odours such as: Smokers stink and Fire smoke odours, People and Pet odours, Mildew odours, Cooking and Food odours, Ideal for Odour Elimination in enclosed spaces and sensitive environments; Hallways, Garbage and Common Areas, Daycare, Prep Areas, Homes, Offices, Vehicles. Rv, Bus, Refrigerators and Elevators. 

Vehicle Odour Elimination Starting from $99.00.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting Solutions

Sanitize Carpets – Upholstery and moisture sensitive soft surfaces

Clinically Disinfect for Dangerous Bacteria, Virus and Fungi

Sanitize Hard Surfaces – Food Contact Surfaces D2 NSF Rating

Reduce Pet Dander Allergens – Hypoallergenic – Odourless. 

Eliminate Mildew Odour – Non Reactive- Ideal for ‘cleaning agent’ sensitive  Body Armour and Sports Equipment 

Cross Contamination  – Disinfect high risk areas and contamination hot spots.  Such as Common areas, Elevators, Doors, Fleet Vehicles, RV, ATM, Cashiers.  Day and sensitive care environments. 

Pet Lovers and Veterinary Hospitals

Disinfect from your home or Hospital dangerous threats such as; Ringworm.* PARVO*, DISTEMPER*, BORDETELLA*, MRSA, Noro Felinecalicivirus, Canine parvovirus. GLP Certified Kill list. EPA and Health Canada Approved.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Ultra Low Moisture Extraction Technology

We efficinetly use water to produce foam BUBBLES that are 10 % moisture. 

Carpet Cleaners

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Professional Carpet and Upholstery cleaning services. Residential – Commercial. Green Seal Certified Safe for People, Pets and Carpet.

We are an Authorized VonSchrader Associate utilizing over 80 yrs of international expertise. Our Ultra Low Moisture cleaning process uses gentle biodegradable foam bubbles, non toxic and fragrance free cleaning agents that provide efficient and professional results.
We specialize in carpet Maintenance and Restoration, Stain Removal of all varieties and Odour treatment. Wool Safe Approved – Certified for Natural fabrics. Carpet Protector “Green Guard”

Carpet Restoration and Stain Removal

Stain Treatment – With our patented line of stain removal products we safely remove stains of all varieties even persistent and stubborn stains.   

Odour Elimination – Removal of fowl and lingering odours. 

Quick Dry Dry times – Exclusive Advanced Air Cell Formulation uses 90% less water than other carpet cleaning methods. This patented Ultra Low Moisture System conveniently returns areas back to use quickly, reducing down time and water related issues.

Ultra Low moisture cleaning is perfect for all Residential and Commercial carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Enhances Indoor Air Quality, Non Odorous – No After-Stink, Avoids Mold, Mildew and Allergens. Carpet and Upholstery fabrics are brighter, softer and, stay cleaner longer.

Green Seal Certified is safe for People, Pets, Carpet , Upholstery and the Environment.
Manufacturer approved – Will not void warranties.
Cylindrical brush deep cleans and revives matted carpet.
No waiting for carpets to dry.
No saturated underlay or padding.
Drier is better – Improves indoor air quality.
We eliminates over wetting issues such as shrinkage, split seams and delamination. Commercial and Residential grade Carpets / Upholstery. Carpet Mill Recommended. Wool Safe Approved.  Call now for your free carpet cleaning demonstration of the results attainable in any problem area.

Calgary Carpet Cleaning Comparison Chart


We offer free demonstration to test the results you can attain with low moisture Dry Air Cell Extraction. Show us a problem carpet cleaning challenge or persistant stain or odour This patented method is also uniquely certified. Green Seal Certified, Wool Safe Approved. Carpet Mill Recommended( retains carpet warranty) Champion Status E.P.A. and Boeing Aircraft Approved. EPA and Health Canada Approved. Carpets dry quicker and stay cleaner longer. Restore rather than replace aging carpets and upholstery. Eliminate unsightly stains and lingering odours. 

Safe for all fabrics and natural fibres. 
Calgary Green cleaning, Stain and Odour experts. 

Green Cleaners

Upholstery Cleaning